They baby turtles were released last week and I can only hope I taught them enough to survive in the wild.  When we are out in the big pool, I would chase them around so they would get used to diving when in danger.  I also taught them how to jump off a stick into the water if they were out sunning when danger approached and I tried to introduce them to as many different foods as possible.  They were still very small, but it was time for them to go.  Lord knows Mama is gonna miss them something fierce!  They were just the most precious little things!  And I thank Dr. Norm for trusting me with them!

Now my excuses for the exceptionally bad – but well worth watching video.  I had to stand on a hill – my balance is awful and I kept sliding.  The wind was blowing – making it even harder to keep my balance and my ribs still hurt meaning I couldn’t hold the camera up the whole time.  The sun was blaring and anyone who has a video camera knows how difficult it is to see the screen in the bight sunlight.  A couple times, I didn’t even realize I was recording – was too busy trying to keep my footing, but I decided to leave those parts in.  The best (and worst) part comes about 4 minutes in.  I can only hope I taught them well and that they’ll be okay and grow into fine, young turtles!


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2 Responses to FREEDOM!!

  1. nancy says:

    They looked like they knew what they were doing. 🙂 And hopefully, they don’t look like much of a meal for the gator!
    Congratulations, Judy, you did good.

  2. Jeanene says:

    So glad to see you were able to foster them this far and to be able to prepare them for a long life in the wild!

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