Wee, Tiny Ones!

My old, dear cat, Peaches, has been having problems again and had to go see his favorite Vet on Friday.  He’s doing much better, so when my phone rang and the caller ID told me it was Melody – Peaches’ favorite Vets’ wife – I figured she was calling to see how he was doing.  Yes….she did ask how he was, but then said, “Your vet wants to talk to you.”

Dr. Norm got on the phone and he said something that didn’t register.  It sounded like he said he had a turtle hatch in his hand!  The old brain didn’t really grasp that so I said….”What?”

And very excitedly, he said it again….he just had a turtle hatch in his hand!  Then I remembered!!  For a couple of months now, he’s had a box of turtle eggs sitting on his back porch.  We had just talked about them a week or so ago – he’s been telling me all along that I was going to get to be turtle-mom when they hatched.  I figured since they hadn’t hatched by now, they probably weren’t going to and hadn’t really thought about them again.  We went through the ordeal of hoping to hatch eggs last year only to be disappointed.  So, I didn’t hold much hope!

But here he was on the phone telling me the eggs were hatching and that he was on his way to my house so one could hatch in my hand, too!  What happened when he got here was just too cool for words!  Definitely right up near the top of the list of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

~This was the first one out – the one that hatched in Dr. Norm’s hand.~

~And then he handed it to me!  Such a precious, precious, TINY little life!~

~We put him in a box and was amazed by how active he was!  He was even climbing!  They are born ready to go!~

~And then he put the second egg in my hand!~


~And then one in Melody’s hand. Is this not just about the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?~

~One more hatched in my hand – which I filmed.  And the last one, I left alone and let her hatch in the box.  She had a bit more trouble coming out than the others did!  At one point, she was completely turned around going into the egg instead of coming out!~

~But she finally got herself turned around and going in the right direction~


~In the meantime, the other 4 that had hatched were all over the place!  Very, very active little guys!  So adorable!~


~I think they look like grumpy little old men!~

~To give you a good idea of how small these guys are, here is one with a quarter!~



~This has to be my favorite shot – 20 minutes old and already the King of the Hill!  ~

~ It is a huge honor to be able to care for them and I thank Dr. Norm for trusting me with these tiny little lifes.  I look forward to the day I can post pictures of the little guys (and girls) swimming away to freedom and leading the kind of life a turtle was meant to lead!

Video 1 – The first one to hatch in my hand.  (1 min 20 sec in length)


Video 2 – #2 hatches in Melody’s hand.   I missed the end of it – but still worth watching!  (1 min 1 sec)


Video 3 – The second one to hatch in my hand.  This is condensed down to 3 min and 49 seconds from the actual 34 miniutes it took for this guy to come out.  It’s a little long, but about half way through there is a very cool turtle yawn!  And at the end, you can almost here him saying….”Hello World!  I’m here!”


Video 4 – This little one took forever!  I don’t think she wanted to come out at all.  At one point, she got herself completely turned around and headed back into the egg!  Her little tail was sticking out!  This one took about 45 minutes and I ended up missing the end.  I had to give a cat a pill and when I came back…TA-DA… (1 min 29 sec)


Video 5 – This is just too cute!  What does a baby turtle do the first time it feels water???  (18 seconds)


Video 6 – Help me!!!  (16 seconds)


Video 7 – From One to Five!  (1 min 2 sec)


For Dr. Norm’s side of the story, please visit his blog at:




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7 Responses to Wee, Tiny Ones!

  1. Donna says:

    WoW, Judy. They are tiny! Do you know what kind of turtle they are?

  2. Chris says:

    Judy that is so extremely cool! What an honor for you.

  3. Robin says:

    so very very sweet

  4. Judy, I am so happy for you and Dr Norm! What a wonderful experience and the babies could not have a better foster home! I can’t wait to se the video of their release!

  5. Katrina says:

    Now that is just too cool!!!!!

  6. Fran says:

    They are just so precious! And so tiny! Are they eating well? What are you feeding them?

  7. Cindy says:

    Wow is all I can say. That must have been something to be able to experience that. Such little guys and they sure born ready to go and go they do.

    Congrats Judy


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